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Learn about cannabis

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is the term commonly used for the plant or flower of the Cannabaceae family. It’s been consumed by humans for longer than we’ve written stuff down.

Sativa and Indica

There are two main types of cannabis for human use: Sativa and Indica. Each has a different shape, size, leaf and effect. Crossed with each other, they make hybrids. Indica is generally considered to provide a calming and relaxing effect. Sativa can have more energizing, uplifting and cerebral effects.


And those hybrids? Somewhere between the two, with a dominant effect from one of the two parent plants.


The active compounds in cannabis are cannabinoids. Cannabis has more than 100 of them, of which THC and CBD are the most common.


Ever noticed the distinct smell of cannabis? You can thank terpenes for that. They’re volatile aromatic compounds in the essential oil of plants, including cannabis.


Terpenes and cannabinoids like THC and CBD are both contained in trichomes, tiny and sticky hairs on the cannabis flower.


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Who is HEXO ?

Glad you asked. HEXO is an adult-use cannabis brand based in Gatineau, Quebec. We do more than grow cannabis. We create innovative products for the Canadian cannabis market.

Our Products

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Need medical cannabis?

Medical users can find special content and products to meet their needs at our medical brand, Hydropothecary.