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All About Decarb

Statistics don’t lie: Canadians may be interested in cannabis, but not everyone is keen to smoke it.


A 2017 Statistics Canada review noted that, while dried flower still dominated sales, edibles based on decarboxylated (dried and activated cannabis powder) accounted for nearly a third of consumption. In the US, a report by cannabis industry analytics firm Headset discovered that 50 percent of sales went to smoke-free products.


But what is Decarb and how do you consume it? We asked HEXO’s Processing Manager David Snell for a few pointers.


What is decarboxylation and why do it?

“Decarboxylation takes all the potential THC-A and CBD-A, and turns them into their activated components through heat. Decarboxylation occurs naturally at room temperature, but we are catalyzing the process to effectively remove the carboxyl group.”


 What’s the difference between Hydropothecary’s Decarb line and decarbing cannabis at home?

“We use a proprietary method and are able to control the heat to get optimal conversion rates. Nearly all the potential CBD and THC is there. Decarb is activated and ready to consume.”


How would I cook with Decarb?

“You don’t. We’ve already completely converted it, so really, the only way to take it is to ingest it. Heat will trigger a rapid change and you’ll combust the activated THC or CBD.”


What are the options for using Decarb?

“I believe that the lower the temperature, the better. Keep any food with Decarb in it below the boiling point of water, which is 100C. In cooking, the shortest amount of time Decarb is exposed to heat, the better. The best bet is to incorporate Decarb into drinks, smoothies, salads or foods that are already cooked. We also offer capsules, which are quick and easy to make and take.”